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Ian Verzosa
Vacation Planner
Classic Custom Vacations

"Well where to start... I came to IAHA to begin a new life. To go back to school and gain a career. In going to this school I have achieved both these goals. I moved from Vancouver, WA to San Jose, CA where I joined the company Classic Custom Vacations. This was a changing point in my life."

Sharon Wright
Customer Service Agent
Delta Airlines

"I just started with Delta a couple weeks ago as a customer service agent. It's a great company and I'm looking forward to the travel benefits. IAHA was perfect preparation for this position."

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International Air and Hospitality Academy
2901 E. Mill Plain Blvd.
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Main Office: (800) 868-1816

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Unfortunately, due to industry regulations, if a felony appears on your criminal history you cannot be employed as a Airline/Travel Specialist and therefore you cannot currently be enrolled in our program.

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