flight attendant training program

flight attendant training program

Jerri Mcdonald
Mesa Airlines

"" I have to thank International Air Academy for my success in obtaining my goal on becoming a FA. This was a second career for me. This career started as a dream and is now a reality for me. I have successfully completed ground school here in PHX, and have also completed my IOE training. I am on my way to ORD as a TDY station. I will then be headed back to PHX in the near future as my permanent base. I owe all this to my wonderful instructors at IAA and appreciate the staff for their help in making my dream come true!!! "


Airline Reservations and Airport Services

Educational Objective: Start your new career with the airlines in just 8 weeks. Our accelerated program is specifically designed to prepare you for entry-level reservations and customer service positions in the airline industry. Learn the passenger service skills and sales techniques you'll need to succeed in public contact positions. Also, gain technical skills and confidence that will help you win promotions throughout your career. You'll train through role-playing in an environment designed to replicate a real-world workplace.

This is an accelerated program focusing on specific airline skills. Graduates are immediately qualified for reservations sales, ticket agent, gate and ramp agent positions. This program also provides an introduction to a career as a flight attendant.

Applicants must consult with an admissions representative and meet prerequisites before being accepted into our 8-week program.

Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED, type a minimum of 25 wpm and be at least 21 years old. Applicants who are at least 18 may gain acceptance by providing a letter from past employer(s) documenting a minimum of two years full-time employment in a customer service position. Because of the nature of the industry, students with a criminal record must submit a criminal history report to the Career Development Department by week three of the program. An admissions representative will direct students to an approved background check company. Consult the Admissions Department for more details.

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