• “Working for Continental has changed my life in so many ways. I have the ability to travel all around the world, any time I choose! Thank you so much IAHA! I couldn’t have done it without you!”

    by Amber L.
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Student Testimonials

Kekoa Umiamaka

Hi, my name is Kekoa.  I’m from Kane’ohe, Hawaii and I came to the International Air and Hospitality Academy to become a flight attendant which is still in progress because of my age. But coming into this school made me realize how much more opportunities there are like reservations agent or travel agent for example. Also, it made me more outgoing and learn more about the interview process. I thought this was a school for flight attendants, I was wrong, it’s for the whole airline industry. It was a great experience. Now I’m hired with American Cruise Lines where my journey will begin.


Vanessa Davis

Last day of school was today!!! No more tests! No more staying up until 2am to study! I can finally relax at night! I’m so happy it’s done but sad at the same time! The experience of it all, I’ll never forget! And this school was simply amazing!!! I’ve learned so much about the industry and myself as a person. I’m so happy I went there! I’d recommend this school to anyone who wants a fun and exciting career in the travel industry! Now it’s on to graduation tomorrow and new and exciting adventures! Thanks to everyone who supported me through these rough few months! You are greatly appreciated! My dream has always been to be in this industry and now it’s coming true!

Kevin Smith – Flight Attendant

American Airlines

I attended the accelerated course last spring and applied to American Airlines in the computer lab. One year later I am now flying for them and living it!! In the interview they mentioned how they have hired from IAHA before and that helped me get the job. IAHA is still getting students jobs with Legacy carriers!


Cathy Bolander

I am a graduate from class 8210 and have recently moved back to the Pacific Northwest. My career has been amazing and the education I received from IAHA gave me the direction and base I needed. I have worked for an airline, as a reservationist for a government contract, at a 24 hour travel agency, I worked my way to management, training (technical and soft skills), account management and now on the credit card side of the industry for the last 6+ years. I have loved all of it. The industry has changed so much and provided opportunity and growth over the past 33 years.

Keep up the good job bringing bright amazing people into the industry!


Mary Kent – Travel Counselor

Wyndham Worldwide’s Travel Department

I wanted to let you all know that I have completed new hire paperwork and formally accepted a written job offer with Wyndham Worldwide’s Travel Department for the Travel Counselor position. I am thrilled! Training begins December, 2nd. I can tell that I am going to enjoy the environment and work flow. I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you ALL for preparing me for this step. I am so glad I came to IAHA and had the opportunity to meet you. I’m sure that I will always feel sentimental about everyone that was a part of this milestone in my life and I hope you know how much I appreciate the guidance you’ve given me.


Sharon Wright – Customer Service Agent

Delta Airlines

Well where to start . . . I came to IAHA to begin a new life.  To go back to school and gain a career.  In going to this school I have acheived both these goals.  I moved from Vancouver, WA to San Jose, CA where I joined the company Classic Custom Vacations.  This was a changing point in my life.  i just started with Delta a couple weeks ago as a Customer Service Agent.  It’s a great company and I’m looking forward to the travel benefits.  IAHA was perfect preparation for this position.


Sabrina Van Tassel

SkyWest Airlines/United Express

I just graduated Class 1207 and I can’t even begin to describe how much what I learned at IAHA is helping me with my new job.  I got a job with SkyWest Airlines/United Express and my education from this school is a tremendous help in my real life career.


Christy Jimenez

That’s what it’s all about, you have to believe in yourself and set goals and reach them!  The staff at IAHA is GREAT and I met and made some long lasting friendships from all over the world, what more could anyone ask for!  You guys are are great!!!


KJ Aldan – Flight Attendant


Thanks IAHA for the opportunity you gave me to interview today with ExpressJet Airlines.  Thanks to all the work you poured into my education, I have received my offer for the Flight Attendant position from ExpressJet.  Thanks also to all the Career Development team members, the wonderful teachers, especially mine, Mrs. Kimberly Dugger.  May you continue in helping many more people out there acheive their dreams.


Katt Thelen Harrington

Travel and Transport

Just started my new job with Travel and Transport!  Thanks IAHA!


James Castillo – Customer Service Manager

United Airlines

I am one of your Alumni Graduates from your school.  I attended your school of November 1988 and graduated in March 1989.

First off, I ‘m glad to hear that International Air (and Hospitality)Academy is doing great.  It brings back the great memories I had during my time there; all the lesson, all the exams, sleepless nights, and all the great people I met there paid off.    Everyone I met there were great, the staff and instructors I had were very helpful and knowledgeable, and the professional training I received there has helped prepared me for the job I most desired.  After graduation, I landed a successful career with a major airline carrier.  The skills and lessons I learned at the academy have played a huge roll in my success.   Fast forward 23 years later, I am still working for that same major carrier (Continental now United) and have become a leader as a Customer Service Manager.   As a successful customer service manager, I have been involved with several functions within the airline industry, and have also been involved with training.  I have also trained many others to branch out into other parts of the company and also trained other to become successful leaders themselves.

To anyone attending the Academy, I have a couple things to say:

1)      Listen to your instructors, ask questions, and take good notes.  Your instructors there have a great wealth of knowledge and experience.
2)      Be positive, stay strong, and Motivate yourself and others to be successful.
3)      The skills and techniques you will learn there will not only prepare you to become successful in career, but also be successful in life.

In closing, I’d like to thank International Air and Hospitality Academy for giving me the opportunity to attend your school.  I’ll have to fly up there one day and visit the Academy, and share my experiences.  Until then, Congratulation to all the graduates and students, may you be as successful as I am in your new careers!!!


Laura Guzman – Flight Attendant

Mesa Air – Washington Dulles

I am sending this email to inform you all at IAHA that i have just graduated from MESA AIR’s ground school training. I’m very excited for what the future will hold for me and i want to thank you. In my graduating class there are a few other IAHA alumni, one of which is going to Hawaii, Tacovia Briggs. I wanted to also inform you that, although I am excited to have this new opportunity in life, Iwill never forget my experiences at the academy.  Thank you for helping me start this new chapter in my life and I don’t have the intentions of ever getting stuck, the skies will not be my limits but only the beginning.


Vanea Oggs – Customer Service

Southwest Airlines – South Carolina

Good Morning Mr. Simon!!!I just wanted to take the time to personally thank you for all of your help throughout my job search and preparation. I would also like to thank you for going above and beyond duty when it comes to your job, you are so passionate about helping and you really believe in us!! It means a lot to have someone in your corner to encourage you to climb the stairs when you may not be able to see the staircase.  Faith –  I want to thank you for having faith in ME, personally, you helped give me the extra “push” I needed to believe that I could achieve my dreams and even beyond them!!! I think it may be a little obvious that I GOT THE JOB WITH SOUTHWEST!!!! YAY!! I’m preparing now to go to training, I’m very excited!! I wouldn’t trade my time at IAHA for anything! Thank you again for all that you do!!


Angela Towell – Hotel Division Manager

All About Travel – Portland, OR

My name is Angela Towell, I was a part of class 1105v, graduated Sept 21st. I meant to write you back way sooner but life happened and I’m just going through my inbox. I would love to come speak to classes if you would like. I got hired the day of graduation with All About Travel, Inc. A travel agency here in the metro area. Tigard specifically. I got hired as a Reservation Agent, but quickly got promoted to Hotel Division Manager,which is where I am for now. If I could offer words of encouragement for future students, it would defintely be to NOT give up. The time period of how long school is compared to how long the rest of our lives are is nothing. It was one of the smartest choices I made as a young adult, and single mother. You indeed start at the bottom when leaving school, but the key word is start. Where you go and where you take it is completely up to us. I loved school, I loved my teacher (Admir Sabic) and loved the whole experience. I would totally go back and do it again. If you have any questions feel free to contact me! :)


Henry P.H. Corpuz Jr. – Flight Attendant

Express Jet Airlines – Cleveland, OH

“I am a recent graduate of IAHA and now I’m a flight attendant for Express Jet which services Continental and United Express.  Before attending IAHA I worked at many places such as a pharmacy, hardware store, ice cream parlor, and restaurant.  Finally I decided I needed to achieve more in life and decided to start my career in the airline industry.  My dream since I was a child was to work on an aircraft as a flight attendant, or pilot.  By attending IAHA I learned the many different aspects of the airline industry from flight attendant terminology to ticket agents and many more.  Just a few weeks before I graduated, Express Jet decided to hire me and upon graduating I had only a few days to get to training and start working as a flight attendant.  Now I am happily based in Cleveland, OH working as an flight attendant for Express Jet Airlines.  Thank you IAHA for helping me get this far in life and hope to see you all on a future flight.


Kevin Pierson – Travel Agent

Kings House of Travel – Longview, WA

“I am proud to say that my amazing career is a full time travel agent. I love my job and I love everything that comes along with it, the benefits, the people, everything. I am the happiest I have been in a long time and I owe it to IAHA for getting my life back on track and getting me into the travel industry. Thank you all at IAHA!! Kings House of Travel is a small office company based in Longview WA. There are a total of 4 employees including the owner and accountant. This company was voted #1 Travel Agency in Cowlitz County. We are a close family and we are a team and we love working in the travel industry. Our business includes, Air, Cruises, Hotels, Car Rentals, Vacation Packages, you name it and we do it. We are here to help and assist with everyone’s travel and vacations needs.”


Sharday Berry – Flight Attendant

Skybus – Greensboro, NC

“I serve as one of the many 1st flight attendants flying out of Greensboro, North Carolina for Skybus Airlines. Based out of Columbus, OH and Greensboro, NC, Skybus flies to the smaller, less congested airports. As time goes, Skybus plans to add more cities to their route!


Levi Flowers – Flight Attendant

Mesa Airlines – Washington DC

“I am working on an aircraft making the flight the best it can be for the passenger. Safety is the number one reason I am on the flight, making sure passengers remain seated and complying with all instructions. I maintain the aircraft. There is just so much we do it is hard to talk about everything. Mesa is a regional airline, serving the US, Canada, and Mexico. Mesa operates aircraft such as the Dash 8, CRJ 200, CRJ 700, and the CRJ 900. Their main base is located in Phoenix (PHX) and training is located here. Mesa has bases all over the US such as Washington DC (IAD), Chicago IL (ORD), Charlotte NC (CLT), and many more.”


Amber Leopard – Ticket Counter & Gate Agent

Continental Airlines – Seattle, WA

“Working for Continental has changed my life in so many ways. I have the ability to travel all around the world, any time I choose! I love my career and wouldn’t change it for the world. Thank you so much IAHA! I couldn’t have done it without you!”


Ashley Tullis – Customer Service Agent

Alaska Airlines – Seattle, WA

“I’m a ticket agent and soon I will move to the concourse and be a gate agent. I love it! I get to help people in all areas, just checking in for their flights, dealing with misconnected passengers, finding their lost luggage, finding them a hotel for the night, helping them with their travels, upgrading them to first class and so much more! Alaska Airlines was my dream company to work for! They have a fantastic attitude towards customer service and you never feel like just a number to them, they really make you feel like part of a family.”


Shane Bechtol – Customer Service Agent

Alaska Airlines – Portland, OR

“I will be working as a customer service agent for Alaska Airlines here at the Portland airport! I am so excited to start my new job. I am currently in Seattle for my 5 week paid training before I start at PDX.  Alaska Airlines has been great, and is so far the best company I have ever worked for!”


Jennifer Reynolds – Graduate

“An amazing experience is the only way to describe International Air and Hospitality Academy. Yes, the curriculum is accelerated and extensive; however, the resources that are available, if utilized, will guarantee success. Attending this program for Airline/Travel Specialist allows unlimited capabilities throughout the ever changing industry. IAHA prepares their students in so many aspects: academically professionally and personally, the program even enhances communication skills and resume/cover letter preparation techniques which give their graduates a leading edge for employment. You wonder how I know, experience. I am honored to say, I graduated with honors on May 25th! This was one of the best decisions of my life.”


Kathleen Colbert – Graduate

“Training went by so fast. I didn’t want to leave at the end. I made incredible life-long friends. I enjoyed every minute of my time there and will come back to visit.

My favorite part of going to that school was that I found friends from all over the world. Meeting new people makes the experience ten times better, but also having to meet a wonderful staff team that was always there for you in any situation. It is definitely a family friend environment. The curriculum is outstanding, I learned so much in just a short time. My teacher was amazing and really knew what he was doing. It was really easy to learn all the material and in a quick amount of time. I learned things I didn’t even know about the airline industry.

Advice for new students, don’t give up. There comes a time when you just get so tired and homesick but don’t give up because it is all worth it in the end. Rely on your friends in a time of need because they will always be there for you to push you through it and pick you up when needed the most.

Hope all is well, really miss you guys and the life I lived up there.”


Jaqueline Dos Santos De Assis – Flight Attendant

JetBlue – Kew Gardens, NY

“I recently got my job with JetBlue… I’m just waiting to do my drug test and finger prints and then I will know when I start training. In regards to the school I really liked it especially the people there…
Thank you so much!”


Keyonna Miller – Graduate

“I enjoyed the program I miss being there it was a wonderful experience. The program was very useful and I would recommend it to anyone that’s interested.”


Chealsey Carter – Graduate

“My favorite part of this school is the fact that Mrs. Dugger (my instructor) is a positive, great teacher that knows the curriculum and really cares about all of her students.“


Mason Machaet – Flight Attendant

Mesa Airlines – System Wide

“First of all I’d like to say thank you for the great wishes and that it was a great experience getting to know all of you at IAHA!

Yes, it is now time for graduation and as exciting as it sounds it’s also sad to be leaving so soon. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed the best learning experience there is to prepare students work towards their career.

And here is the best part… I went ahead and interviewed with Mesa Airlines for the flight attendant position and rocked it!! Training is to be announced, and may take a couple of months, which gives me time to get prepared!

To the future students at IAHA: “When the World tells you to quit, Hope whispers in your ears and tells you to try it one more time”!”


Kiely Joyce – Flight Attendant

Mesa Airlines – System Wide

My favorite part of the school was being submersed into the airline and travel industry. Every other industry is different than the travel industry and having this experience has already advanced me ahead of the game. Just the other day I was on Indeed.com reading forums about the position I was applying for and I read some people’s complaints about the interview process. One complained that the airline recruiters were really stiff and way too strict. When I read that I chuckled because having attended IAHA I have learned that it’s the small details like dependability and promptness that can make or break your chances.

As far as interviewing and jobs go, I just applied for a Flight Attendant position and within three hours was invited to an interview next Tuesday. When I went to Tim in career services he had been talking with the recruiters and had helped to represent our school, and because of this I believe I was invited so fast.

For those students who are looking to launch their career in the airline industry, my best advice for them is to Go For It! What I mean by this is to put your all into everything you do whether it’s the computer aspects of the school, the resume, or even the codes and geography, the more eager and willing to learn you are the better. I have known since I applied for IAHA that I want to be a Flight Attendant and that was that. So when I studied computer and ticketing I could have simply slid by and not put as much effort into it as I did in the Flight Attendant aspects, but because I made sure to give my all I am more knowledgeable and valuable to a prospective employer. This is an amazing opportunity, so make the best of it! Good Luck!


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